Reuland Electric

Custom Cast Aluminium or Cast Iron Low Voltage AC Motors. Serving Multiple applications such as Elevator motors, Crane and Hoist Vector Motors. Invertor Duty Motors, High Speed Motors.  Also, have a full service Foundry and Machine Services.

VFD Peripherals:  AC Line Reactors, Output Filters, Passive Harmonic Filters, Active Harmonics, RFI Filters and Power Quality Products.
Power Factor Correction Systems.
BACO Controls
BACO Controls is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Industrial Pilot Devices, Rotary CAM Switches, and Disconnect Switches.  BACO's push buttons have a modern ergonomic design with many innovative features. BACO's CAM Switches offer complete customization for your application.  BACO's Disconnects are switches are compact and feature reversible terminals for front or rear mounting.

Cast Iron Nema & IEC Framed Low Voltage and Medium Voltage AC Motors. Vertical Solid and Vertical Hallow Shaft Motors.  NEMAPremium Motors.

Industrial Cooling Products.
Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers, and Filter Fans. 
E-T-A offers a comprehensive solution for the  protection of electronic equipment.

Dry Type Transformer:  Control Transformers, Machine Tool Transformers, Autotransformers, Distribution Transformers, High Voltage and Specialty Type.

Poly-Carbonate and Fiberglass Enclosures with Related Accessories.

Solcon offers solid state soft start solutions from 115V to 15KV, up to 3000A. Additional offerings include Motor Protection Relays, SCR Power Controls, DC Injection Brakes and Cathodic Protection.

IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices. Data and Power Connectors.  Portable Power and Custom Power Distribution Systems.  
Global Surge Protection Leader.  Manufcaturer of AC, DC, Data Line and Gas Tubes for multiple applications and equipment.  
Danfoss VLT Series of automation and motion products.  Low Voltage VFD's for every application.  Air Cooled and Water Cooled VFD Available.  

Vacon VFD Available.

Representation for W.PA, WV, and VA