Something New! 
New Offerings from SWC Industries 
Our Partner Manufacturers are always improving and introducing new products and enhancements.  Here are a few highlights we would like to share.  

Check back for updates and to see what is new.
MegaResistor specializes in the design and manufacturing of resistors for a wide variety of applications.  Applications include; Braking and Control, Power Quality and Testing, Power Resistor Elements, and Grounding / Safety.
Non-Metallic and Metallic Wire and Cable Protection Systems.
Ensto Enclosures.

- Polycarbonate Enclosures
- Fiberglass Enclosure
- Distribution Enclosures
- Common Enclosure Accessories

Explosion Protection offering comprises Ex enclosing solutions for various industrial applications.  Ensto's offering carry ATEX, China Ex, IECEx, and UL certifications for Zones 1 and 2 in gas areas.  Zone 21 and 22 in dust areas.
- Ex Steel Enclosures
- Ex Polyester Enclosures
- Common Accessories

E-T-A Automation and Process Control Circuit Breakers.

E-T-A's products for the automation and process control industry ensure minimal interruptions and a reduction in overall cost of downtime.  
- DIN Rail Mount Circuit Breaker
- DIN Rail Mount Socket Breakers
- Fuse Replacement
- Power Distribution Systems
Reuland Electric Inverter / Vector Duty AC Motor!

Reuland variable speed, inverter duty motors are available in both open loop and closed loop designs. Series 100 and Phasor2000 styles are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications.

Closed loop designs will handle up to 1000:1 constant torque requirements and full torque at zero speed.

Reuland's unique slot designs minimize the heating and noise effects induced by drive switching frequencies (harmonics) and eliminate typical cogging at low frequency operation.  Variable speed designs are also available with wide constant power ranges often required in machine tool spindle applications. Variable speed motors are available from fractional horsepower through several hundred horsepower in open, enclosed and blower cooled enclosures, continuous or intermittent duty.

Use of variable speed motors spans a multitude of applications. Machine tools, material handling, pumps, fans and elevators, to name a few

Please contact us for more information on any of these new products. or 215-328-9700